The Project
We were asked to carry out repairs to all guttering to the development as many areas had started to come away due to rotten soffit boards which part of the gutter clips were fixed to. We were asked by the surveyor to find a cost effective solution as the site did not have the funds to replace all soffit boards.

The Problem
All soffit boards were presumed asbestos and therefore extreme caution needed to be taken to not disturb them. This meant that we could not remove any of the existing gutter brackets nor drill into the soffit board at all.

The Process
All guttering was accessed by a cherry picker over the course of a week.
We were able to carry out repairs by supplying new clips (and guttering where necessary) and drilling through the timber fascia into the timber noggin. This also required taking off rows of roof tiles in certain areas also in order to carry out. We also fitted additional clips as a precaution for a bit of extra stability.

Why Jaggar?
Many of our clients including senior surveyors often choose to use our services as they are able to work with us to find solutions to complicated problems. In this case they also needed to meet a budget and they know that they can rely on us to get the job done without exceeding their budget.

What the customer said
“Having used Jaggar to tackle complicated jobs before, I approached them for this task. I had a pretty good idea of how to solve the problem, but it was great to have the reassurance of experienced builders to both support my specification as well as offer their own ideas. I know I could leave Jaggar to get on with the work, organise all the plant and ensure that there were no issues. I received regular updates from the management team so that I was always in the loop”

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